Our functional practices are based on our competences and attributes. Our customers particularly value:

Sales efficiency analysis, diagnostic and optimisation

Program Management (Company re-organisation, Joint Ventures, Change of Business Direction, Company Relocation, Spin-offs, Globalisation, Regulation change, Acquisitions, CRM / ERM / BI / U2C or equivalent system implementation)

Corporate Social Responsibility - we enable companies to become ISO 26000 certified.

Strategic Planning (Alignment, Marketing Campaigns, SWOT)

Performance management (specifically for Sales, Marketing and Customer Service)

Interim Management in period of crisis or change

Business Development and target audience mobilisation - Agility in Strategy, in Sales and Marketing

Latest management theories and practices (Management 3.0)

Transition and change management during the acquisition integration phase with a focus on managing behaviours as potential risks.

Universal Design in User Experience and Interface Design (UI), enabling accessibility for all.

Governance and process (re)design.